Meditation Made Easy

Enjoy Meditative Soundscape Experiences.

I use the gong and instruents to create a variety of  frequencies, vibrations, harmonics, and sounds. 

If we listen relaxed and aware, focused on our breath, we feel more relaxed, calming our autonomic nervous system. 

An ancient survival mechenism, best known for our Flight and Fight and, Rest and Digest responses.

Our Vagus nerve within the autonomic nervous system is fast becoming understood for it’s responsiblity in a vast amount of our daily ‘struggles’. Such as, Insomnia, IBS and Anxiety.

Naomi Stephens is deeply passionate about experiences, discoveries, and journeys. Each journey is an experience, and each experience is a journey. What is discovered along the way? 

Naomi was first heard a Gong whilst on a Californian Surf trip. She felt it gave her the access to meditation that she hadn’t found before. A path back into her strength and light.

Upon returning to the UK, where she grew up. Naomi studied Naad Yoga and Sound Meditation with leading wellness figure Leo Consendai.

Accredited by Yoga Alliance, Naomi holds the following formal qualifications:

200hr Naad Yoga/Sound Meditation, Level 1 Agama Yoga, and a BTEC National Diploma in Holistic Therapies. Before working with Sound, Naomi was a Holistic Massage Therapist for 15 years.

Naomi’s love for the journey took her backpacking around the world for 8 years. She made Berlin, Germany, her forever home in 2020. She feels it is a city where every day offers a gift of a different experience.

Relaxed & Restored Your Laughter Is Healing


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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

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