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Gong Baths Berlin
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Sound and Gong Baths. What they are and why you should attend?

A Sound Bath is an easy way to access meditation!

Instead of trying to meditate.

A Sound Bath places you in a meditative mindset, by listening to the sounds you hear. 

You dont try and to do anything.

Show up, Let go and Observe.


You are most likely already aware of the many health benefits of meditation and hopefully, believe it would help you in your life. 

Some of us are met with blocks against meditation-

  • I’ve not really meditated before, and I am not sure how to start.
  • I am too busy and not able to find the time.
  • I feel like I am terrible at meditation, my mind wanders all over the place
  • I am not able to stay awake during meditation
  • Meditating has the opposite desired effect and makes me feel anxious
  • I can’t sit still during meditation /or/ It’s uncomfortable to sit during meditation

When attending a Sound/Gong Bath, the sound of the Gong cuts through the noise, the chatter, the fidgeting. It is a sound unlike any other. It intrigues, it envelopes, it relaxes, and it excites.

About The Gong Therapist

Flumie on Gong

Naomi Stephens is deeply passionate about experiences, discoveries, and journeys. Each journey is an experience, and each experience is a journey. What can be discovered along the way? 

Naomi was first exposed to Sound as a healing modality whilst on a Californian Surf trip, her life transformed after she first heard a Gong. It finally gave her the access to meditation that she had been searching for, and a path back into her strength and light. When Naomi returned to the UK, where she spent her childhood, she studied Naad Yoga and Sound Meditation with leading wellness figure Leo Consendai. 

Accredited by Yoga Alliance, Naomi holds the following formal qualifications: 200hr Naad Yoga/Sound Meditation, Level 1 Agama Yoga, and a BTEC National Diploma in Holistic Therapies. Before working with Sound, Naomi was a Holistic Massage Therapist for 15 years. 

Naomi’s love for the journey took her backpacking around the world for 8 years. She made Berlin, Germany her forever home in 2020, a city where every day gifts a different experience.

Koshi Chimes

Please wear headphones when listening 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed my sound bath! It was an incredibly relaxing experience, would love to do this regularly. Naomi is very professional and talented at what she does – thank you!

Hannah S.


I’ve been a hobby musician all my life, but I’ve never heard anything like the gong before. The sound goes directly to your body – Naomi’s performance was a magical experience.

Jacob T.